Saturday, November 05, 2005

Trying Unsuccessfully to Establish that Big Box Stores Should Be Avoided at All Costs (and One Gratuitous Cute Picture)

Krispy Kreme's grand opening was day before yesterday, and I resisted until this morning. Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah I love Krispy Kreme and so on with boring details of the levels of ecstasy experienced while eating doughnuts. I just have to say they're damn good, but I can resist because the store is in the Big Box Store Thoroughfare, which I avoid at all costs (except TJ MAXX and Ross, which are really just fancy versions of a giant garage sale in a nice neighborhood). In fact, KK was built right in the parking lot of Lowe's. I used to frequent Lowe's because of that story about the divorce and the woman building a Lowe's wherever her jackass ex built a Home Depot, but then I found out that was bunk and now I think Home Depot is like the Ugly Step-child Home Improvement Center. So I don't mind shopping there as much. And Target's okay, because of the dollar section and the cool ice cube trays and matching bathroom soap dish/toothbrush holder sets. And Barnes and Noble's allright because for some reason this town doesn't have a decent independent book store. I thought I had found one, attached to a cute coffee shop, then one day the coffee shop started sporting one of those big Christian fish symbols (you know, like the one people put feet and and write 'Darwin' on the inside), and then the guy in the book store, who has some sort of Henna fetish, didn't know who Norman McLean was and I just said screw the whole lot of you. I mean the bookstore and the coffee shop. So that makes Barnes and Noble okay. And of course Old Navy is okay because where else can you get kids stuff for that cheap? Oh wait. That was a totally crappy excuse. That's what Wal-Mart people say!! I feel like some hemp-wearing dirty-dredlocked hippi is going to read this and smote me for compromising my principles to get cheap kids' fleece. Yeah, well smote away, you freak! You're probably too skinny and malnourished from all that vegan junk you eat and your smoting will have no more effect than whatever dieting measures I'm taking after eating half a dozen Krispy Kremes!


Anonymous Arabella said...

Fleece totally trumps hemp.

11/06/2005 4:23 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Harridan said...

It's a fine line, that whole box store vs. little independent. I've tried to stay away from some (especially after I read about the money they contribute to the Republican party. {cough} Target {cough}). But the only one I can successfully avoid is Wal-Mart, because they are so awful. But sometimes their garden center, which is surprisingly diverse, calls to me. I console myself with the thought that even Michael Moore is a card-carrying member of the NRA. Baby steps.

Cute kid, btw! :)

11/09/2005 8:36 AM  
Blogger Mignon said...

ARRGGH! Please don't tell me Target is RED!! Where will I ever get cute holiday placemats and plastic summer picnic wares ever again? Thank you though. Starting today, right now, in fact, because I was just about to go out and get TP and diapers, No Target For Me.
Wal-Mart is the evil empire, and there's nothing in there that I can't avoid. We have several excellent gardening places and KMart/ShopKo/Target/Sears/etc. for everything else.

11/09/2005 11:45 AM  

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