Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sleep, Like the Annoying Ring in that Trilogy, Can Be Good or Bad

Sleep right now is like The Ring when Frodo puts it on and his eyes go all kooky like he just shot up some heroine, but it was the bad shit and he feels like his heart might explode and he's going to die. That is to say, sleep is not good for me right now. My friend Kathy, in her infinite sleep wisdom, which is not a facetious thing to say because she knows more about sleep than anyone really should, pointed out that my headaches are probably a sleep deprivation thing. Oh. Yeah. So then I just need to sleep more! Good thing we just bought those child cages. (Shudder, gag - like a sickening episode of Law and Order SVU.)
On a happier note, Halloween Candy! Yeah! So yummy and cute in their packages and in my hand and then in my stomach! And so cute on my big butt! Oh wait - not so cute, that. But back to the cuteness in my hand and in my stomach!


Anonymous granny said...

Oh, my new favorite candy bar is a Milka with whole hazel nuts. Nico's mother gave me a goodie pack of three chocolate bars ad two gingerbread-like cookie bars for our train ride to Dresden, and I only shared the non-Milka treats. I ate the whole huge bar at once, didn't get sick, and had few regrets.
Guess I know where you got your love for sweets--your NeNe.

11/01/2005 10:22 PM  

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