Sunday, October 16, 2005

Saving Blind Animals, Next on Hardcopy

Is it okay as a hard-core lefty that I really don't care whether or not Bush's teleconference with Iraq troops was staged or not? Does anyone really believe these things are totally impromptu anyway? Would a group of people, or just one guy named Rove allow a less-than-intelligent, store-bought president to be peppered with questions about body armour and foreign constitutions when the guy obviously has more important things like brush-clearing and mountain-bike-wrecking on his "mind"? Sure I detest Bush and everything he represents, but I don't see a story in this. Maybe the problem is my current sources of news. CNN and MSNBC? What else are they going to talk about in 24 straight hours - I mean there are only so many high-profile murders to cover and the 40,000 dead people in Asia just don't make good copy.
Blech. I'm a little sick of myself today and cynicism is just not drawing me out of it. Okay, so I'll try to name 5 positive things to close this post (note: I just googled "positive news" and came up with all kinds of uplifting stories about blind animals being saved by not-blind humans. Anecdotal evidence that there is good in this world is not news to me, especially if it involves a normal healthy privileged person saving a blind owl. How about 100,000 healthy privileged people saving a decimated Asian village. Okay, rant finished.)
1. There's a full tub of peanut butter in the cupboard, and, coincidentally, I love peanut butter.
2. The vet told me that our dog is perfect.
3. My husband just brought me perfectly-sized juice glass of Clos Du Bois and encouraged me to drink it despite my feeble protests.
4. I not only love, but really like my family (awww - the wine made me do it).
5. I finally figured out when Grey's Anatomy and America's Next Top Model are on and won't miss them this time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So have you googled "failure" and hit "I'm feeling lucky?"

Give it a try.

10/17/2005 2:03 PM  

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