Thursday, October 20, 2005


Behold the "'A' Stump", not to be confused with just 'a stump'. I only revel in this creation, because artwork that is recognizable as Something and not just scribble-y crap is something new in our house. For a while Madeleine was interested in drawing bugs, but I guess she mastered that because soon after her three day bug binge we were back to scribble-y crap art. But here is Something.
And, in other news, I got my hair cut today. Yeah, ha ha that was funny. All of them were cut. My Stylist informed me that I would look like a porcupine if it were all cut short, so half is long and half is short. Yeah, it looks as weird as it sounds, but I'm down with that. Maybe a picture will come later, but at this time my head is dripping with $35 of Aveda hair products and the weird wood/patchouli aroma has hypnotized me into forgetting where the camera is...


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