Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Superficial Impressions to Follow

Because I've been obsessing on and off about the quantity of candy I've eaten in the last 36 hours, I've decided to make this the most superficial post I can possible elicit from my sugar-coated brain. Here is a list of famous people I've seen and my completely unfair impressions of them based on that fleeting glimpse:

Lilly Taylor (way cool actor from a lot of cool movies): saw her twice in Portland - at a toy store and crossing a street. She looked scared (possibly because I was staring like a maniac) but really come on! You're in Portland. They're all vegans for god's sake!

Andrew McCarthy (brat pack actor): he was going into a restaurant in Portland with a really tall date, so natch, he looked short.

Peter Falk (actor): he was getting out of a car while we were gawking and driving by his house in Bev Hills. He looked old. That was 20 years ago, before he got the kooky eye.

Jermaine O'Neal (NBA All-Star): he was signing autographs in a mall in Portland. He looked young. And shy. Needed some zit cream.

Ed Asner (actor): he was in a bookstore in Portland. He looked annoyed. The bookstore is large and confusing, and again, I may have been staring like a maniac. But again with the shortness!

Andrew Shue (actor - Melrose 90210 or something): in a bar in Kalispell, MT. He looked cute. Don't remember much else about the entire evening...

Drew Bledsoe (NFL quarterback): same bar in Kalispell, MT. He looked annoyed. We were throwing peanuts at him.

Stephen Breyer (supreme court justice): at a party at my college graduation. Made no impression on me whatsoever. I guess that's the way it should be.

And that's it. That made me feel a little dirty. Not dirty, like honey what time are you going to be home tonight, but dirty like I just have to go brush my teeth. It could be the Brown Ale though.


Anonymous Arabella said...

I used to have a little crush on Andrew McCarthy. Sometimes I really miss the '80's.

11/02/2005 11:14 AM  
Blogger Mignon said...

I adored AM. I should have added that I gawked like a 13-year-old and could feel my heart palpitating when I saw him. There are a few things I miss about the 80s, but without the 90s and 00s there'd be no Hugh Jackman or Clive Owen...

11/04/2005 7:05 AM  

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