Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Picture Dementia Man Looking Like Mr. Rogers

This weekend I was violated by Dementia Man:
Sprinkler Guy calls on Friday, "Hi, your husband called and set up an appointment for us to blow out your sprinklers."
Me: "Okay, great. When?"
SG: "Probably sometime early next week. You don't need to be home, just make sure you shut off the main valve."
Me: "Okay no problem. Thanks."
Cue ominous music, signifying Dementia Man stalking unsuspecting female...

SG calls on Sunday: "Hi, your husband called and set up an... wait, I called you already didn't I?"
Me: "OH! Ha ha - yeah you did, but I totally forgot to shut off the valve, so good thing you called again!"
Again cue aforementioned ominous music as unsuspecting female hangs up phone and goes back to doing domestic-ish things.

Husband, from front porch on Monday as Me returns home from domestic-ish errands: "Did you forget to turn off the sprinkler main?"
Me: "Huh?"

Cut to Dementia Man scuttling away down the cul-de-sac, a suspicious looking object smooshed into a pickle jar tucked under his arm. No, not My brain. But the pickles I will later think I forgot to buy at Safeway... Damn you DM!!


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