Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sacrifices, Solutions and the Age-Old ABC Debate

I've made a enormous sacrifice this week, which officially started yesterday, because if you don't actually go anywhere but the kitchen to go to work, you can start your work-week on a Wednesday. I am giving up sarcasm and cynicism for one week. I wish I could figure out how to italicize, because not only does it sounds like dirty-dancing with Italians, who are so swarthy and cute, but I could put so much more oomph into my Enormous Sacrifice. Really! No sarcasm and no cynicism. I'm going to see if my butt gets any smaller, because cutting out sweets for two weeks certainly did not have the desired effect.

Also the nurse practitioner said to sleep more. And take Advil. AAARRRGGH. That clearly cried out for some sarcasm, don't you think?? It's like that episode in Friends where Chandler couldn't make fun of people and Ross was wearing leather pants and Chandler was all "Can't You People See??? Ross Is Wearing Leather Pants!!" and everyone else was all, "Yeah, yeah, that's nice, they look kind of cool" and Chandler had to run into the hall to make a joke which I don't remember.

Madeleine and I just had an argument about the right way to sing the ABCs. She's convinced there's some sort of intro part that I am intentionally leaving out and concluded her argument with, "Just because you're bigger than me doesn't mean you don't know the right ABCs" at which I was rendered speechless.


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