Monday, October 31, 2005

All Hallows Eve Brings Out Snails and Crafty Husbands

Hooray! More pagan celebrations! This one is particularly joyful, as it involves chocolate and dressing up my children in disgustingly cute outfits. The baby is a cow. Enough said there. Madeleine was going to be a snail, and the costume consisted of a large cardboard box decorated with rainbows that I was supposed to somehow glue (her idea) to her back. She also wanted her face painted like a cat. The box plan fell through as soon as she saw the baby. Now she's a cowboy without a rope, taken away for too many attempts at roping her brother, and without cowboy boots because she's fixated on sandals. Without socks. It was 27 degrees when we got in the car, but okay Sweetie, Mommy will certainly not argue At All about this. I try to choose my battles, and this was not one of them because she looked hilarious. I just wish I could have talked her into wearing the rainbow box.

On a more interesting note, look at what my husband made on our sidewalk! This man can kill and gut big animals, can't match his clothes (even if the were Garanimals - which they should totally make for grown men), and knows the entire roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But whoa! Sprigs of grass seed, cornflowers and summer squash?? Martha Stuart, I bow to you, but please give me back my husband. I need him to pick up some dog crap.


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