Monday, April 10, 2006

What I did for summer vacation.

Have you noticed I haven't been coming around as much lately? It's not you. It's me. No really - I'm just not in that place right now. I need to find myself. I need to explore... Have you ever been on the receiving end of that speech? I have. Twice. Both times the dickheads went on to date/screw girls I knew within ONE DAY. Ahhh, college life. But anyway, really I haven't been coming around here as much, and here's a short catalogue of why:

1) House hunting!! and some more !!! because I adore house hunting. It's a kind of obsession of mine to constantly check the online listings for houses I would rather live in and that would my life infinitely happier and baby bunnies would fall from the sky every day. Here's one. And here's another. The first is too much money. The second has a small backyard, unaccomodating for the giant pumpkin Jim grows every summer. We're like the Seinfelds of house-hunting.

2) Babies. Quinn is 11 months old today. He enjoys long walks on the beach and quiet candlelight dinners. He also wakes up clapping every morning.

3) Knittin. I started 10 days ago, and I got this to show. My brother Tobin and his wife are having a baby as I write this, and apparently the hat will not be finished in time. But looky the pretty stripe. The lady in the shop suggested I crochet as well, and i recoiled in horror. I'm not sure why. Something about the word crochet seems so Little House, whereas the US Women's Soccer team knits! (I've also had the same aversion to croissants my whole life. Are they good? I don't know. I just don't like the word.)

4) My various ailments. Including this cold. Allllllwaaaaaayyyyyyys siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Waaaaaaaaaa.

5) And because the well is dry, I'll leave you with a couple more pictures. Jim and my boobs at the party. And a pre-Easter find-the-baby game. Do you see him?

Happy Monday.


Blogger Arabella said...

Very impressive knitting! Your stitches are nice and uniform. As are your boobs. Lovely! And you look really good in that peach scarf! Nice choice.

4/10/2006 10:48 AM  
Blogger Jaye Wells said...

I do that house hunting thing too. Hubby's ofice just moved to a very swanky part of town. I am sad to admit I have done psycho drive-thrus of this area. I also look up listings online event hough I know I would have to have the book sales of Nora AND hubby would have to get three promotions to afford it.

4/10/2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger V said...

I LURV that first house. OMG...beautiful.

Yay on the knitting! you're doing a great looks beautiful.

Crochet....ok...good for blankets or lace....supremely ugly for wearables....don't beleive what Vogue may tell you.

Croissants....DEFINTELY good. Warm em. YUM!

Get better more colds for you.

4/10/2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger Tink said...

You crack me up. I can always count on you for that.

1. I'm house hunting right now. It sucks... Want to do it for me? BTW, that first house is awesome.

4. Ahhhh! What did you DO to that picture?!

5. *Snort* "Jim and my boobs"

5.5. Um... Is this a trick question?

4/10/2006 10:58 AM  
Anonymous JMo said...

Sure - pull us in with your witty commentary and then recoil, leaving us wanting... What am I supposed to with my time at work?

I found him - what's he doing back there sampling the poo?

4/10/2006 11:01 AM  
Anonymous TB said...

Pretty houses! Good luck with the search. If you'd be interested in moving to Columbus, Ohio, I've got just the house for you.

I think I found Quinn, the amazing clapping baby. Is he enacting a scene from the Blair Witch Project?I also see the dog, is he trying to attack you?

The ladies look very nice indeed all glowy and highlighted by the pretty pretty scarf.

4/10/2006 11:46 AM  
Blogger mama_tulip said...

I am trying to knit. I can't even cast on.

I'm very impressed with your stripe. More than one colour scares me.

4/10/2006 12:16 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...

teebs, the dog was sniffing my privates, if you're curious.

The knitting is coming along pretty well, although I realized too late you have to be a little relaxed about the whole thing - my stitching needle is worn down already. Can you say Wound Too Tight?

(Thanks Arabella - I'm surprised noone has commented on the fact that I'm visibly busting out of my top!)

4/10/2006 12:40 PM  
Anonymous LetterB said...

Your knitting looks fantastic! I am muy impressed - I can't muster up the courage to do anything that is not a square or rectangle. And you already know how I feel about crochet - do not fear the lesser fiber art. It has its charms. Are you going to send that shot of you to girls gone wild? Va voom! Good luck with the house hunting - i kind of miss that part now that I have moved on to buyer's remorse.

4/10/2006 5:09 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I am all for giving the girls their props. And you have nice tits, and I say that in a purely heterosexual way.

And we are house hunting too. In another country. It sucks.

4/10/2006 5:09 PM  
Anonymous honestyrain said...

you are permitted to be occassionally otherwise busy with life and also the making of hats but there will be no tolerance of disappearing altogether. should that happen we, your readers, will band together and seek you out. when you are discovered we will sit you down at computer until something bloggity is produced.

other than that, nice hat and boobs!

4/10/2006 5:21 PM  
Blogger Esereth said...

The thing about crochet is, it is ugly. Knitting is tight and neat and uniform, crochet is loose and bulky and sloppy, and the feel of the end product is always rough. I passionately hate crochet. But that might be a transient fashion. Once it no longer calls to mind bored fat aunts and Goodwill back walls, maybe I'll grow to like it.

For instance, I am shocked to discover I like boat-big 70's Buicks and Cadillacs. Cuz now they remind me of Tarentino movies, not smelly poor fat ladies like they did in the 90's.

I ramble. Always heartening to see your babies.

I like you.

4/10/2006 6:11 PM  
Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Jim looks pretty happy there with your boobs.

How did you take that God awful pic??

My purse is a mini-fridge. That comment to my comment made me snort out loud.

4/10/2006 6:52 PM  
Anonymous Prairie Dawn said...

When did you get boobies?
Quinn is DIVINE and he looks like a piece of lego someone left in the back yard.

4/10/2006 8:00 PM  
Blogger Mitch said...

Is this one of those optical illusions where you're told to guess which is bigger, the boobs or the nose, but they trick you because they're the same size?

Last Halloween, I went to a party as a Wench - the costume required uber-clevage, so I covered my nipples with toilet paper and duct taped them up and together (costume did not allow for a bra). NEVER do it without sufficient protection over your nipples, imagine a cloth being superglued to your eyeballs, then ripped off. Tears actually welled up...I have pictures, lol!

back to my own blog world now, one of these days I'll decide to link you to mine so I don't have to go through Jaye all the time.

4/10/2006 8:32 PM  
Blogger Jess Riley said...

Fellow online house hunter chiming in. Alas, I know we won't be moving any time soon. But still, I look.

Cute kid pics!

4/10/2006 8:45 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...

The boobies are full of milk and not really mine. If asked I think both Jim and Quinn would claim ownership. I am merely a vessel.

And those of you ragging on crochet have to check out Letter B's bunny. Because it's cute and not at all old lady and cigarette smelly. But I still won't do it unless they rename it something like SpinArt. But that's taken, so something else cool like that.

The disturbing giant nose picture was taken with my new toy, about which I will write more later. For now I am savoring it like the remnant of the last cherry Life Saver.

4/10/2006 9:11 PM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

The first house must be gone now, but that second one is gorgeous. I want me a bungalow.

You had *the rack* in that picture, woman. W-O-W.

J just got a new iMac this weekend. It comes with the bubble cam feature too. I haven't tried it yet, but Mimi was all a-quiver.

4/11/2006 3:27 PM  
Anonymous stella said...

that second house (while i couldn't actually see the home you have been 'crushin' on in the first link) is friggin pimp.

and im insanely jealous that you can get that much house for $380.

i can't wait to get out of atlanta...and see what we can find out west.

we are closing on our house in a few weeks that went for just at 300 for a 2bdrm/2bath. with 1/2 the square footage.

im jealous of your options!!!

4/13/2006 2:30 PM  
Anonymous stella said...

and have we talked before? b/c now that im seeing you are from thinking we have.

what 'parts' are you from? lol.

im getting married out there in 3 months. can't wait.

4/13/2006 2:32 PM  
Anonymous kathie said...

You're cracking me up, as usual. I love house hunting--fantasizing, too. You're boobs look to be very comfortable at pre-Easter brunch...or whatever. Love when boobs have a life of their own.

4/13/2006 4:37 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...

Stella - I think we have talked about that. It's some remote spot, isn't it? And I'm the one that REALLY wanted that knitted bag thing you made but couldn't come up with a good post idea. Remember, huh huh huh? I'm in Missoula, and while the house prices here are pretty good, the area I want to live is completely inflated from the rest of the city. I guess you can see why. The houses are killer.

Kathie, thanks about the boobs. They were having a good night. Everything deflated later when the baby got fed, though.

4/15/2006 9:34 AM  
Anonymous stella said...

yes nye. bfe.

and i totally don't remember you commenting on my blog.

you wanted that god awful thing??? have mercy....

well youre very sweet.

and im blogrolling now.

so welcome to fzen. formally.

i might have to make you a bag for the hell of it...on the mere basis that you actually liked wanted the Dread purse.

4/19/2006 8:52 AM  
Blogger Mignon said...

I read the first line of your comment several times. I couldn't figure out if it was English or not. But yes, now I remember Nye. And I know - everything here is BFE.

And don't harsh on Ugly Bag! It was endearing. Thanks for the link - I will reciprocate fer sher yo.

4/19/2006 12:34 PM  

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