Thursday, August 04, 2005

Two Good-lookin', Incontinent, Guys

My friend and I ran into these dudes at the coffee shop yesterday. They were pretty cute, but both of them had bizarre fixations on our breasts. Anyway, I'm not ashamed to admit that I went home with the one on the left. He smiled at me and I just melted.
(was that creepy?)
On an entirely different subject, I went to see Allison Krause and Union Station last night. Great, awesome, and all that, but a highlight was watching a middle-aged couple do a two-step to all the bluegrass tunes. The woman's long, full skirt twirled hypnotically as her fancy-steppin' partner spun her around and around and around and around... They looked almost as if they had choreographed the whole thing, it was so fluid and beautiful. The combination of the dancers and the angelic voice of AK almost made me unaware of the sweat rolling down my back and pooling in the waistband of my shorts. It was 125 degrees. And the woman next to me was so into the show she was leaning into my personal space exuding a smell similar to those vanilla car freshener thingies. And then she would sing outloud, in my ear, to all her favorites. Boy! I should have paid double, because I got two, TWO, I tell you, concerts.


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