Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Family Tree

I guess Dave Mathews most accurately articulates my feeling right now on this relaxing Sunday: "I do not want what I've not got, but what I need is all around me." And no, I don't mean a loving family, warm home, free country kind of thing. I mean items that mesmerized me in the Sunday ads. I'm surrounded by Best Buy, Home Depot, Linens'NThings, etc. Man, when I look at those ads, I burn with NEED. Frost-free freezers! Tile mosaic coasters! Hoosiers just issued on DVD! And why do I need these things? No Reason!! I need a new stainless steel dog dish (the one he has is fine)! I need some new hair clips for my daughters nappy head (we already have a drawer full)! I need a plasma TV (we don't have cable or the energy to watch movies)! I need a Culligan water dispenser (we have a cold/delicious supply of well water to our home)! I'm thinking there must be some common thread... like the fact that these are all variations of trinkets. Shiny, noisy, pretty objects. This may be a stretch for the Culligan thing, but the glub-glub of a water cooler is pretty neat, nonetheless. So, as is my wont, now that I've pinpointed a character flaw, I will attribute it (meaningless needs) to my ancestral past. I am evolved from raccoons. Which would also explain my waddle.


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