Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hot Buttons and Caviar, I mean caveats

Stem cell research is wrong and goes against the bible... unless the information collected could have been used to keep Terri Schiavo alive.
I’m 100% for teaching abstinence.... to ultra-conservatives or bible-belters trying to have kids.
Abortion is wrong and should be illegal... for men.
Marijuana is a gateway drug to heroine and meth, and legalizing it is wrong... as it will force those in extreme pain or recovering from intense chemotherapy to start meth labs with all their free time.
Tom Delay is a good man and doing and excellent job in the House... of drawing the attention away from Bush’s dropping approval rating and failing domestic policy.
Marrying someone of the same sex is wrong... if you’re already married.
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and the changes a woman's body goes through during the process are a wonderful reminder of the natural order of things... for hippies that have done too much acid or live in some Grateful Dead-induced irreversible 'shroom coma.


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