Monday, March 28, 2005

Pagans High on Chocolate

Easter has come and gone, but the celebration goes on. Today I rejoiced by eating 4 chocolate eggs, enough jelly beans to cause me to drool and stain my height-of-fashion maternity shirt, and 3 chocolate gold coins. For breakfast. Then there was the lunch debacle with the eggs themselves. Boiled eggs crushed up on toast equals Nirvana. Later, in an attempt to avoid any further nonsense with the Easter chocolate that definitely does not belong to me, "we" decided to make brownies and get rid of it all, which of course resulted in heart palpitations (for me) and complete and utter pandemonium (for 3-year-old) due to an excess of cocaine. I mean chocolate. Same thing.
Aside from the complete breakdown of willpower and common sense parenting I experienced today, I'm feeling a little smug with respect to my epiphany regarding Christian holidays. Yes, it is uniquely my epiphany and was in no way influenced by alternative religion websites or articles because I am so informed about pre-Christ pagan rituals. Whatever. Anyway, I'm smug about the fact that I took 10 minutes out of my day on Saturday to Google "Easter bunny pagan". This led to my discovery of the "borrowing" of pagan dates of celebration (centered around winter solstice and vernal equinox, to be specific) and rituals by early Christian clergy in order to make Christian holidays and milestones more palatable (sorry, lapse in grammar there - don't care enough to edit, though). I relayed some of these discoveries of mine to the poor, uniformed woman across the street, both of us relishing in my enlightenment. She may have mentioned something about a little-known text (The DaVinci Code - something like that. Poor woman needs to get out more. DaVinci was from an entirely different country!), but she was clearly awestruck by what I stumbled on to. I think I'll write a book. I might wait until my heart stops beating wildly from another trip the brownie pan.


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