Friday, April 08, 2005

Here's someone's rant about the British girl who won the right to wear a jilbab to school (Theodore Dalrymple in the latest edition of National Review, but I can't find a link):
No expressed desire by a child or young woman to wear traditional clothing such as the jilbab can be taken as arising from free choice -- even if, in any given instance, it is the result of such a choice -- because of the oppressive nature of the subculture.

And here's someone else's rant about the above rant. This guy's comment made me laugh out loud.

My first reaction to this was: Does this mean that now you guys will throw that anti-evolution crap out of school? Because I'm pretty sure no child comes to school really wanting to become even more of a dumbass, despite the oppressive nature of his subculture.


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