Saturday, February 12, 2005

Buster: Left-wing Propagandist

That Buster. Always trying to corrupt. My daughter won't watch it anyway ("Just plain ol' Buster is boring without his friends."), but that definitely shouldn't preclude our we-just-have-the-best-interest-of-parents-in-mind Education Secretary from lambasting the program as too extreme for young, impressionable minds and threatening to pull the plug on funding of such endeavors. Sure, I understand the need for parents to monitor what kids watch, which is why this type of program is even more important. How else are right-wing Baptist couch-potatoes (sorry, was all that redundant?) and their progeny going to see normal happy children growing up with two loving adults. Because the divorce rate in the Bible Belt sure indicates that those type of households are few and far between. Yeah, even the Word-of-God-sanctioned marriages are falling down at a rate of >50%%, which indicates more than half of the kids in the BB don't know what a committed relationship with two loving adults looks like. We're talking about >1 million children, nation-wide, that are affected by failed marriages.
Damn you PBS for trying to show them what a good one is! And, as Margaret Spellings said, we can't have renegade networks like PBS trying to "[expose children] to the lifestyles portrayed in this episode." And that would be... um... I'm searching... loving households?


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