Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Should the news always make us depressed?

An unofficial tally from today's rag: 34 dead people, 3 raped boys, House and Senate at state and federal level continue with partisan bickering, 1 dog killed by a trapper and 1 alien abduction. That was section A. Then my 3-yr-old asks me to read her the comics and they're not funny. Not to me or her, although she gives me an obligatory laugh at Mutts because "puppies are always funny, right?" Yeah, just not in the newspaper. I read once that Brooke Shields' favorite comic was Mutts (we all remember bizarre factoids about the richnfamous, c'est oui?), and I read it daily. So far, 3 years and not even a chuckle. Depressing thing #5 about the newspaper.
So I get my kicks on the editorials, which never fail to flummox, befuddle and amuse. Especially with respect to aforementioned alien abduction and Christian zombies spouting scripture as "reason". I like Geese Aplenty's vision of "who's right" in the religion debate (from 1/27). Today I'm going with Buddhists, in honor of the Chinese New Year. Yeah!! The year of the cock!


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