Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Kissed a Girl, with a banana.

I posted this on my FB page, but for some reason the thumbnail is a tiny, illegible word verification word. I asked the internet why, and it didn't understand my question and rambled on and on. Thanks.


Anonymous Janet OConnor said...

I'm so using the "come hither" move next time I'm on the dance floor. Quinn is pure comedy. Love it!

4/22/2009 1:00 PM  
Anonymous apathy lounge said...

Pooey is rocking the underpants. What he lacks in sychronization (moves with his sister) he makes up for in unbridled enthusiasm. How in the world did you get through this without laughing your ass completely off?

4/25/2009 7:28 PM  
Anonymous apathy lounge said...

...and of course The Divine Miss "M" is looking mighty fly.

4/25/2009 7:30 PM  
Blogger Tink said...

I love when Quinn parades around the glass... and then the paper plane... and then the banana. He's like, "Dude, I can't dance. But look at this!" Lol.

6/07/2009 7:27 PM  

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