Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

Thirty-four today, the anniversary of Elvis', Babe Ruth's, and Bela Lugosis' death. Coincidence??!! I think not! (Whatever the hell that means.) In addition we will commemorate the following - info courtesy of The History Channel:

- 1920, Birth of Charles Bukowski, leader of the "Meat School" poetry movement (get it? Mignon, MEAT, coincidence??? I think - aw fuck it...)

- 1967 Tonkin Gulf Resolution challenged : President Johnson's broad interpretation of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution is attacked in the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee by the Chairman, Senator William Fulbright of Arkansas, who feels that Johnson has no mandate to conduct the war on the present scale. (hmmmm....)

- 1972 (the day I was born) Heavy air attacks on North Vietnam - U.S. fighter-bombers fly 370 air strikes against North Vietnam, the highest daily total of the year; additionally, there are eight B-52 strikes in the North. Meanwhile, U.S. warplanes flew 321 missions (including 27 B-52 strikes) in South Vietnam, mostly in Quang Tri province. Despite this heavy air activity, hopes for an agreement to end the war rise as Henry Kissinger leaves Paris to confer with President Thieu and his advisers.

- and last but not least, 1985, Last episode of Dukes of Hazzard airs

This morning I woke to Quinn snuggling up close and demanding milk, which would've been bliss if it weren't 1:15 this morning. And then 1:27, 2:20, 3:11, 3:40 and so on (and so on and so on and so on). Jerk. Then, when we finally did get up, everyone was cheerful and fully vimmed and vigored, while I had a dead animal in my mouth and a headache right above my left ear, perhaps where the dead animal dug it's little cave before it crawled into my mouth to die.

Anyway, not to worry! That all died down for almost a full half hour, between 9:30 and 9:55... until we went to Barnes and Noble where a rude salesperson basically evicted us from the childrens' book section (no worries, I complained rationally and articulately to two people who may or may not have been her best friends and then let Quinn pull all the books off of the artfully arranged Computer Science display table), and then Madeleine had a loud, sobbing meltdown when I wouldn't let her buy a stuffed lamb. An admittedly cute snuggly lamb, but still! No! Because for some reason I said NO when she initially took it off the shelf and then couldn't change my mind, because I learned from The Art of War that one must "be stern in the council-chamber, so that you may control the situation." And if you think parenting two kids under 5 isn't a type of warfare, then you're not my friend. Seriously? I'm almost positive Sun Tzu was a woman and the original title was misinterpreted from The Art of Parenting. And I'm also positive this wasn't an original thought, but what really is?

And on that uplifting note...

I've decided to add a song of the day to my posts. Then again, this may be the only one, if I forget (or "forget"). SO! Today's song is Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc. Did you Bounce Bounce a little? I do.


Anonymous wordgirl said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Mignon! I'll toast you tonight with a glass of wine at dinner. Hope you're getting a sitter and doing something romantic.

8/16/2006 12:53 PM  
Anonymous mamatulip said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm raising my mug to you -- I'm on a coffee bender; Oliver was up half the night and I'm dragging my sorry ass around here today.

8/16/2006 1:16 PM  
Anonymous mamatulip said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm raising my mug to you -- I'm on a coffee bender; Oliver was up half the night and I'm dragging my sorry ass around here today.

8/16/2006 1:16 PM  
Blogger Tink said...

Happy Birthday Mignon!! And had I known I would have baked a cake. But of course a cake doesn't ship very well so I would have needed to eat it myself. Hmmm. Maybe I WILL bake you a cake. hehe

Hope it gets better girl.

8/16/2006 1:42 PM  
Anonymous Prairie Dawn said...

Mignon you also share a birthday with Madonna, she turned 48 on Wednesday. Can you believe that in 2 years Madonna will be 50?

8/16/2006 7:10 PM  
Anonymous LetterB said...

Happy Birthday on the real day! And I think you are on to something about Sun Tzu. Consider this one: "If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near. Put him in his naughty spot."

8/16/2006 9:12 PM  
Blogger Louise said...

Happy Birthday! I can neither raise a alcoholic bevie or a coffee to you as I spent the night with China whipping my arse for eating something not good- and the shanghai sewerage system is still cowering in fear. Instead I'll raise my glass of pathetically pure mineral water, and save the drinking and debauchery in your honour for another day.

8/16/2006 9:58 PM  
Blogger V-Grrrl said...

Happy Birthday Mignon! I'll raise a glass of milk to you--in the middle of the night.

I hope you coughed up the dead animal....

8/17/2006 7:59 AM  
Blogger Arabella said...

Mignon! Happy Birthday!!!!

I'm really, really glad we've gotten the chance to be friends, both in the blogosphere and in person. You are a wonderful woman and I am thrilled to know you. :)

8/17/2006 3:44 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Happy Birthday!

8/17/2006 4:05 PM  
Anonymous TB said...

Love that Gorillaz song. It's perfect for a birthday celebration.

I hope you got lots of wonderful presents and a little time to yourself to reflect.

8/18/2006 7:11 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

"It's my choc-o-late attack"

Happy fucking Birthday, my love.

8/18/2006 11:33 AM  
Blogger mamalujo1 said...

Kids would have kicked Sun Tzu's everlovin' ass. I don't think I ever read anything where he said to wear your enemy down through sleep deprivation, whining, shitting everywhere, boogers, sex deprivation, constant middle-of-the-night teat sucking, get the idea. Sun Tzu; what a pussy he seems when you've raised kids.

So, sorry for being such a shitass of a commenter. Happy birthday and all that. Meh. I'm ten years older than you! Am I still the cat's nuts!?

8/18/2006 3:51 PM  
Blogger Feral Mom said...

Mignon. Madonna. Almost the same number of letters...same birthday. Both hot. Hmm.
Ahem. Happy birthday, m'dear! You rock the house, everyday. I am raising a bottle of wine to your health.
FUCK! the word verification, like math, is hard. Better practice: pizquvrc.

8/18/2006 8:54 PM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Happy Birthday -- a few days late! :-)

8/20/2006 3:45 PM  
Blogger lildb said...

the coolest girl in the blogosphere - and the cutest, too. :)

(esp. in your new shirt - hey! that means I *did* give you a bday gift, even if it wasn't a coffee. phew.)

8/21/2006 11:03 PM  
Anonymous Jenny (soon going to hell) said...

Happy Birthday, Mignon!!!!

And I totally agree with you on the Sun Tsu thing. I think her name was originally Sue Sun (or perhaps Susan?) and they just flipped it around since a woman couldn't have been responsible for something so brilliant. Much like they did with Jesus.

(Little joke there, Christians.)

8/22/2006 10:32 AM  
Blogger Girl con Queso said...

Happy Birthday! Eat lots of cake.

8/22/2006 3:08 PM  
Blogger Esereth said...

Happy Birthday old (blog standards) friend.

I want to know more about why the lady threw you out of the kids section. Seriously, did you maybe deserve it, just a smidgy bit? Hmmm?

8/22/2006 3:11 PM  
Blogger Orange said...

Happy belated birthday! We're almost birthday twins—my birthday was the 15th. (We shall not discuss birth years here.)

I do that, too—say no to the kid initially, and then stick with it just to make a point even though I could easily change it to yes and make it easy on myself at that moment. I'd buy myself so much future trouble that way, though. No! Because I said so! Stop asking about it! I said no!

8/22/2006 6:22 PM  

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