Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Concoction

Yesterday Jim and I signed the cancellation papers on our contract for the pretty green house. Bye bye frosted glass cupboards and cute recyclable storage area. Washer and dryer on the same floor as the bedroom, there will be someone else. I'm not sure if she'll love you the way I would have, but fear not, yard so small I can spit across you, people will come. They will come and use you up and throw you away like thin Asian potty paper, and then, maybe, we can start anew. Let's say mid-September, mkay?

Nobody's buying shit in this burning town, there are more houses for sale than there are fleeing Californians these days, so we'll just sit here, waiting.... waaaaiiiiiitttinngg.... for someone who thinks our yard is charming rather than a 95 pound albatross with herpes strung around their neck. Someone like us, two and a half years ago. Then those people that don't realize that living out here is quieter than the library at Gallaudet, those people'll buy it and we'll take our money and run across town to where the water tastes like wine (and we can get drunk at the UofM tailgates and then walk home instead of having to sober up in the second half so we can drive home, which sucks donkey dick - sobering up in the middle of a football game, that is). That day will come, and instead of having this god-awful deadline hanging over us, we can just chill and let what happens happen. Hey! It's August? When did that happen? I've been on my hands and knees (scrubbing you sickos) for the last two months and dammit, I hate it when I miss the British Open. Kidding. Golf on tv? Worse than the Tony Danza show.

Now onto some other stuff...

Links and Asundry

- Did anyone listen to the show on NPR the other night about this girl, Sarah Something I think, who went to visit Gen. Noriega in Panama at his request, after they had exchanged letters for several months? It was a kind of peace-mission, but so bizarre and naive. I'd like to read more about it, but I think I forgot how to read sometime in June.

- Madeleine has a huge crush on the 9-year-old boy down the street, and last night she went to talk to him while he was practicing hitting golf balls in the yard. He's always very sweet to her, but last night he was either tired of humoring a 4-yr-old or really into golf, but he pretty much ignored her the whole time. She came home near tears because of it, and I admit I cried a little when she wasn't looking. One, because how sad is that? And two, because it gave me terrible flashbacks to 8th grade when, well, fill in the blank with your own sad crush story, right? I was trying to help her forget about it, but she said, "Mommy, it's just so sad when someone you like is nice and then they're not so nice." Shit.

- I know I'm not alone when I say I am completely confused by the Israel/Hezbollah conflict. Confused and deeply saddened and angered, though. My mom was right, when I spoke to her last night, when she said it's a crime that with the enormous influence our nation can wield (and does wield, financially, over Israel) we're not even stepping in to facilitate negotiations. Here's a brief background that helped me catch up a little, at least. And Mom, who was that author that wrote a primer on the Middle East? I forgot his name...

- On a lighter note, I like the idea of this, but the bag is kind of ugly, and they couldn't have found any more boring ties, could they?

- Now that our house is virtually empty and impersonal, I made a trip to Target yesterday and bought only what was on my list (plus popsicles and tweezers). It was an unprecedented trip, and to keep in the spirit of not buying stuff I don't need, the pretty, pretty link item for the next few weeks is going to be only that which can be made from junk. Or something to that effect. Behold.

Then and Now (in solidarity with Arabella's black and blue belly, here's my Ode to Injury)

Then (9 years ago I dislocated my left index finger by falling on it when it was bent backwards. The cute but stupid ER doc tried to pull it back into place, causing all the ligaments to run around crazy, then a surgeon had to cut my hand open, rearrange my hand guts, and put the finger back on its perch.)

Now (from a soccer game the other night - wounds also include a knot on my head and a UTI, both being difficult to photograph)


Anonymous V-Grrrl said...

So sorry the little green house with frosted glass cabinets is a dream deferred.

And regarding all the injuries, well that's proof you were the type of girl who would have scared my skinny bitch ass in high school. Hello! I don't do contact sports!

8/04/2006 12:04 PM  
Anonymous mamatulip said...

I'm really sorry about the house. That sucks.

I am totally confused by the whole Hezbollah situation...thanks for the link with background info. I'll be checking that out later when the midgets aren't awake.

Um, your soccer injuries? OUCH, girl. Ouch. That's why I don't do sporting activities...well, that and I'm lazy.

And. Madeleine. Man...hearing your kid say that has gotta smart a bit.

8/04/2006 12:39 PM  
Blogger mamalujo1 said...

You got pretty damn close to that UTI shot there, girlfriend. (Takes a guy to notice that AND then comment). Nice nail polich job there, too. (I SWEAR I'm not gay!)
Did you have to cancel cause you're not getting takers on your house? Sorry about that.
Tell Madeleine that boys are jerks, and that there is such a thing as karma. Maybe he'll be nicer next time.
Word verification: solnyrow (wtf!?)

8/04/2006 1:40 PM  
Anonymous wordgirl said...

Holy're bunged up, kiddo! Why isn't anyone buying your house? I would buy it...if I didn't enjoy melting like a 64-pack of crayons on a hot sidewalk. Jeebus! it's 4:30 here and still 100 degrees. Maybe if I went to Target I'd feel better.

8/04/2006 2:40 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Harridan said...

Sorry about the cute house, but I think that means that there's another, better house just waiting for the timing to be right. Or maybe there's something desperately wrong with the green house that the inspection failed to note. Not to worry; your ship will come in!

8/04/2006 4:07 PM  
Blogger Louise said...

SUre your leg's messed up, but that tan is great!!! Personally I am so white that I have to warn people to turn the flash off on their cameras before they take a photo of me, or the white of my skin seems to explode obscuring even my facial features.

8/04/2006 8:19 PM  
Anonymous LetterB said...

I too admired the tan. Nice melanin! What a bummer about the house. I gasped when I read it. I hope at least it's relieving the selling stress a little - seems like it. I did hear that story on This American Life, but awhile back. I was kind of dozing on the couch while I was listening and thought that in my daze my subconcious was inserting all this stuff about a schoolkid visiting Manuel Noriega but then I woke up and realized it was for real. That is one crazy episode.

8/04/2006 8:42 PM  
Blogger lildb said...

a) I was wondering, not more than an hour ago, whether you'd managed to get into the house yet. and thinking you'd be announcing the success/failure of such in a day or so. guess my esp's a little hinky today.

b) the thing that prompted my ponderance of your house-purchasing issues was that I HAD A DREAM ABOUT YOU. not kinky/sexy, sorry, I know that would've been too awesome for words, some random person you've never met 'ceptin on the internets telling you they had a kinky/sexy dream about you, but sadly, it was just a friendly dream. as in, my family was hangin with your family, and there was snow and we were inside a nice house (see? my esp is *totally* hinky today), and... I forget. but I think the prompt for the dream, etc, was the comment you made on my pa-ino post recently; you said we're both dorks. and you were the *only* one to be on the real about that. 'cause the sheet music from the AGG made-for-tv-movie score? DORK to the third power.

so. bathically, I think you're awethome? and, yeah. I'm pissed about the houes thing, but I feel confident (and again with the hinky esp today so who really effing knows) that you'll score something equally good or better when you do manage to sell the house. and anyway, didn't the huz score a raise outta the deal? so, that's good.

and with that, I hereby release your comments back to you, forthwith. heretofore. etc.

( I promithe I'm not peeping through your windowth ath I type. I'm in Portland. seriouthly! altho, that kid that hurt your girly'th feelingth? thuckth ath.)

the end.

8/05/2006 11:41 AM  
Blogger Orange said...

You know, I heard that green house is, like, totally haunted.

I have a bruise on my lower shin from the gym. (Technically, it was the gymnasium where they held the pre-daycamp parents meeting, and I sustained the wicked bruise by missing a step down on the bleachers.) But get this! I got the bruise back in mid-June, and I still have a tender bump with discoloration. But it didn't bleed, so you're still the toughest mofo on the B list.

8/05/2006 6:57 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...

V, I am not a scary person, I promise. I just play one with a soccer ball...

MamaT, I also found a really good interview with Jimmy Carter wrt Bush's non-action towards facilitating talks with the warring factions.

MamaLu, shoot. If you think those shots were revealing you need to start clicking on the links in some of those spam messages you're hastily deleting... (I considered taking a picture of me wincing as representative of a UTI.)

Wordgirl, thanks for buying my house in la-la land. I've spent a lot of time there in the last couple months, and you've done a wonderful job with the garden. Your boys have gotten in a little harmless trouble with the neighbors, but in general you all have taken to Missoula very nicely!

Mrs. H, no worries on the house. I talked myself out of loving it very convincingly (and the inspector said it was the nicest remodel she'd ever inspected in 25 years). There was no mud room for god's sake!! Shithole.

Louise, thanks for noticing. This is as tan as I've been since I was a kid, and I've loaded on the screen this year. Maybe it's because I'm not constantly burning like cheap toast and constantly peeling off layers of skin.

LB, yes, the relief was palpable the day we signed the papers. And the story was surreal, no? Because the grown up girl and her mom still sounded so backwoods and naive.

Lil deb, thanks. For all that. Being dreamed about is beyond high praise in my book. Even if it means I'm cleaning toilets with your 3rd grade teacher...

Orange, I'll proudly wear the badge as the toughest B-lister, until Arabella pops out those twins, of course. (Shin bruises last for-evah! You can probably see how lumpy mine are from years of abuse.)

8/05/2006 7:28 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

ah, another soccer player.

I too document the wounds.

Though yours look a little more intense then anything I have had presence of mind to photograph. Makes thing interesting in the spring/summer when you're wearing shorts/skirts, eh?

8/06/2006 4:46 PM  
Anonymous TB said...

I'm sorry about the contract. Any chance the house will still be available when you get an offer? I know you don't want to hold out hope, but maybe it'll happen sooner than you think.

Thanks for the middle east primer. That shit is impossible to understand unless you go back to a Hatfield/McCoy-esque fight for land that is over 2000 years old.

Also, you have the prettiest feet and I want you to know that I would save you from an alligator any day of the week.

8/06/2006 9:34 PM  
Anonymous Mignon's Mom said...

Robert Fisk, 30-year Middle East journalist for the Brit _Independent_

His book, The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East

8/07/2006 4:27 PM  
Blogger Arabella said...

Thanks for the solidarity!

Your legs are pretty damn sexy, you know that?

I think Madeleine should arrange a playdate with Will and then the two of them should parade around the 9-year-old while giggling...well, while giggling like schoolchildren.

8/08/2006 6:16 AM  
Blogger Mignon said...

Jen, I checked out your bruises. Very nice! I love wearing shorts and having people get all icked-out by my scabs. Badges of honor, I say.

Teebs, it's very possible the house could still be available. There is hardly anything selling in this town right now. Which means, when the time comes, we may actually make an even lower offer. Hmm!

Thanks Mom. I've completely lost my ability to remember names. I think the part of my brain that stores lyrics has overgrown its surroundings and usurped other storage areas.

Arabella, thank you, although I felt a little bad, because I really don't think a little road rash compares to what you're going through.

8/08/2006 11:21 AM  
Blogger Brooke said...

OW OW OW. But I love the solidarity!

8/08/2006 7:52 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I was thinking about you and the house just today. I am a little foggy and slow lately, but things do filter down through the miasma. I am sorry that the little green house is postponed.

I also feel that bruised limbs are a hot badge of honor. I loved all of mine from moving.

8/10/2006 5:12 PM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Ugh, I haven't been here in a while and I am sorry to hear about the house. But I agree with the others who said that there must be thousands of even cuter, even better houses destined to come your way. I choose to believe that fate is a good thing (I don't like to think it leads to bad stuff... kind of weird since I am also a pessimist...)

I have the cutest little purse made of a single silk tie. My mom made it for me once -- it's great for going out. I'll have to take a picture sometime and send it. Looks like it would be an easy craft for someone who has a whit of talent (in other words = not me).

8/14/2006 5:59 PM  

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