Monday, August 29, 2005

Installment Art and The School of the Living Room

My 3 year-old is infatuated with school. Not her school, which she refuses to discuss, and which she will be forcibly deposited into in exactly 9 days, 16 hours and 35 minutes, but our own utopian School of the Living Room. In this school she is the star student and deigns to assist Rom, Pickle, Souci and Kimmy with spelling, math, shape identification and humming practice. Today we had an extra-special art installment that all lessons were to incorporate (see photo). This installment was called the Box-a-treater. Yeah, I have no idea. The first lesson required us to drop pennies into a cup inside the Box-a-treater. The cup had a hole in the bottom and we had to sing a song about carousels as we made our offerings. You are now telling me to put the mushrooms away, and I have. I just asked the star pupil what we called the singing-and-Canadian-money-offering ritual and she said, "It's just an empty cut-up beer box, Mommy. Now will you help me get all this glue off my hands."
Yeah, sweetie, and quit sniffing it while you're at it.


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