Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tester? I don't even know 'er.

By now you should all have heard how pivotal the senate race was up in here. A bunch of cowpokes from Havre are pulling out swatches and carpet samples and redecorating Washington. Did you hear? It was incredibly important, and I stayed up until midnight hoping to go to bed happy, but apparently our election officials were using their fingers and toes to tabulate the results. Not until this morning did I see Tester was beating Burns by about 1500 votes with 99% of the votes counted. It looked like we were going to be pulling out the abacus to do the recount, until about 30 minutes ago the AP declared Tester Da Man.

Tester, the organic farmer, friend of Pearl Jam, fat flat-top bedorned, 7-fingered EveryMan. I admit to shedding a tear. A happy tear, after so many frustrated ones. Like many of you have said, Democrats aren't the answer to all our problems, but to bust out the cliche, it was high time for some serious changes. The former decorations in Washington were sleazy, boudoir colors and the rattan furniture was just plain tacky. Democrats. Let's just hope they stick with earth tones and natural fibers... everyone likes that shit.

In honor of Tester's defeat of the shady and senile Conrad Burns, the song of the day - Fire Water Burn, The Bloodhound Gang. For the last 6 months I've been seeing the bumper sticker "Fire Burns" and I didn't get the joke until yesterday. From the first time I read it until yesterday I muttered to myself, "Fucking Burns. Cocksucker." But get it? A fire burns?

And also a bonus track, because it makes makes me wiggle, and today is a good day to wiggle: Bohemian Like You, The Dandy Warhols (they used to share a house with my friend Max in Portland and I shared a cigarrette - sorry mom - with one of them, but I don't remember which because they were all skinny and intimidatingly cool)


Blogger meno said...

Ding Dong the witch is dead, the wicked old witch.......

11/08/2006 3:29 PM  
Blogger jen said...

I HEART you good people in Montana. You simply do not know.

Rock on, sister. Rock on, Montana.

11/08/2006 4:52 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

An organic farmer, friend of Pearl Jam, everyman? Sweet!

11/08/2006 6:36 PM  
Anonymous LetterB said...

I was thinking about you all night, Mignon. Had I your number I would have called you and talked breathlessly with cautious optimism. EEEEEEEEEEeeeeee! So happy for you and the like-minded of your state.

11/08/2006 6:46 PM  
Blogger lildb said...

yep, yes, yep, uh-huh, oh yeah, oh-ho-ho-ho! fuck, yeah!

p.s. the dandys sucked. they were all stupid-ass coke dragons. barf. I spent an entire party in the late nineties wishing I could pull all of my eyelashes out rather than listen to the stupid girl from the band, in monotone hipster barfocity, list all of her incredibly underwhelming experiences with cocaine and other super-boring drug shit.

p.p.s. I hate hipster band members. unless they're in bands I like. iow, I'm a proud hypo(crite). jeez. I'm practically a Republican. *shivers*

p.p.p.s. yeahhhhhh Montana! Tester osterone fever!

don't nobody let me have no more caffeine today.

11/08/2006 9:22 PM  
Anonymous DD said...

Been watching that race for some time on Kos and other blogs. The best man won (despite the bag-o-dirty tricks the opposition always seems to bring out).

This election was closely watched overseas. The result could be a start toward healing the gaping wound the ex-Texas Governor has made in foreign relations (and since treated with salt rubs).

Better late than never - but too bad people did not wake up in 2004 (or - after seeing Gore's movie - in 2000!).

So - a belated toast to Tester! Cheers! and thanks especially to everyone who voted, volunteered and donated this time 'round.

11/08/2006 10:17 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Such great news for all of us here in Big Sky Country.

Tis truly a good day!


11/09/2006 5:34 AM  
Blogger Jess Riley said...

I was thinking of you during the last two days, too! Happy happy joy your analysis of things.

"Fire burns." I love it.

11/09/2006 8:26 AM  
Anonymous wordgirl said...

I just gotta forget that Texas is still run by the Fascist Cowboys and revel in our domination of Senate and House.

11/09/2006 7:43 PM  
Anonymous DD said...

I'll be visiting family in fascist cowboy land (aka TX) starting tomorrow. Part of this time will be spent in the island of TX sanity: Austin.

Keep in mind that demographics in TX are NOT trending in the "right" direction (e.g. the most popular name for newborn boys there is now "Juan").

Fascist cowboy rule won't last forever.

11/09/2006 10:23 PM  
Blogger Ortizzle said...

Mignon: Congratulations! I have to rejoice for others because I, too, live in the Fascist Cowboy state. Make that the Fascist Baptist Cowboy state. Pass the bottle. (The most popular name for newborn boys is actually José, but they won't be drinking Dos-X or margaritas with their tacos when they grow up because by that time prohibition will have returned completely to this state, and the wall along the border will be too high for the tequila to reach over the other side.)

11/10/2006 4:24 AM  
Blogger V-Grrrl said...

Fire Burns. Y'all are clever in the great cold north.

11/10/2006 12:58 PM  
Anonymous kathie said...

I'm with ya Mignon. I stayed up til one am to watch Melissa Hart go down in flames (luckily Santorum going down was a fast, done, deal). Then I saw her the next day at lunch. I swear she could not only tell I didn't vote for her, but she could see the glee that I'd felt the night before. Even with my smokin' poker face.

11/11/2006 4:53 AM  

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