Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's Cold

In response to TB's and Wordgirl's comments, it's too goddamn cold to play outside and we've got Rudolph tRNR I and Rudolph tRNR II to entertain us. Rudolph II is the bastard child of Richard Dreyfus and Jamie Lee Curtis. I mean, not really, but their voices play significantly in the second movie which has possibly the crappiest animation ever. It's supposed to look like the first one, which is that weird real-life animation stuff (called what? I don't know) but Part II is a cartoon made to look like low-budget real-life animation. I won't dwell on it, because it has already recieved far too much air time on our DVD player.

On a happier note, I just bought this for Madeleine for Christmas. I had a set when I was little and it was lost in the moves/divorces/younger sibbling fracas. I love wooden toys. Really, who doesn't? In fact it's making me feel nostalgic, thinking about our old collection of Extremely Heavy Wooden Toys. I liked the stilts. Everything was so grand, when I was six inches taller and wobbling. Did they used to entertain me for very long? I guess they must've. With 4 kids my mom wouldn't have kept any toy around that didn't give her at least 5 minutes alone in the shower.


Blogger wordgirl said...

Love the wooden toy stuff. We still have a Holy Roman Empire sized collection of Brio that is put away when our kids graudate, move away, get married and bring back grandkids.

E-mail me with your address. I'm sending you another video.

12/09/2005 7:31 AM  
Anonymous TB said...

Oh My God. I was going to say I sympathize because it's twenty degrees here too. Then I realized that's NEGATIVE twenty. Yikes!

I love wooden toys. I'd like to say that hopefully my kids will have more wood and less plastic, but I don't know how that's going to work out.

Stay warm!

12/09/2005 10:49 AM  
Blogger Arabella said...

I love wood, too. Mmmmm...wood. Especially when...Oh, wait,we're talking about toys. Of course. Toys. Yes, toys. Blocks are, uh, great.

I'm still upset that I didn't buy this little toy wooden pizza complete with pepperoni and mushrooms that I saw last year at a Christmas fair. I would have had such fun with it. (Sigh.)

12/09/2005 12:10 PM  
Blogger Orange said...

Whoo-wee! Montana sho' is cold! I'll stick with Chicago, thanks.

For a moment, I thought your post was saying your mom always bought toys that would entertain her for five minutes in the shower. But...that's a different sort of toy altogether!

12/09/2005 9:13 PM  
Blogger Mignon said...

WG: You rock. I'm all over that!
tb: I have a friend that said she had so much Fisher Price plastic in her house she thought she might melt it down to build herself a new house.
Arabella: I love that pizza toy! Madeleine has never expressed an interest, so maybe I'll stuff my own stocking (does that sound like a creepy metaphor?).

12/10/2005 9:07 AM  

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